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The time has come for my first review! My pick has got to be “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” by TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin). Before I begin, I just want to say something regarding TVXQ.

I understand that TVXQ is a pretty touchy, maybe even a controversial subject to talk about since the lawsuit. Many fans are upset and it seems as if an internal war has formed. I just want to say, whether it’s JYJ, TVXQ as two members, as five members, what have you, I admire all five members as one and as individual artists. Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin are all strong, devoted, talented men and I am so proud of them for all that they have accomplished as a group and individually.

Yes, I will say with all honesty that it is heartbreaking to see the pain and difficulties that the members have been through and are still going through right now. They are facing one of the toughest obstacles in their career after what they had to endure both physically and mentally for years. At the same time, I am thankful that they all returned to the music scene and are continuing to do what makes them happy, and that is making music. As fans, we may not know, nor will we ever fully understand what exactly is going on behind all of the reports, rumors and complications that TVXQ is facing, but it is undeniable that each and every member cares for their fans. I am sure that the last thing the members would want is for their fans to start a war amongst themselves.

This review is not to be interpreted at all as an offensive post concerning the members or fans of TVXQ. That being said, I do welcome comments if you would like to share your own review, but I ask that we all refrain from bashing the artist/fans (I have seen it many times where a music review somehow turns out to be a wild mess of swearing and a whole lot of ugliness.) It’s perfectly alright to say that a song may not fit your taste (I certainly don’t enjoy every single song I have ever heard thus far in my life), but remember to be respectful.

*Whew* Now with that out in the open, onwards to the review!

(Author’s Note: To see the MV, please visit SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel, playback does not work here!)

The MV for “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” was released on SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel on January 3rd. Yunho and Changmin came back with a very powerful, maybe even explosive concept. Immediately from the start, the strong beats really compliment the powerful  image that is being portrayed. Based off of English translations of the lyrics, the song expresses the bitter, resentful feelings that one has after a tough breakup (the whips and flame shooters really help to get that point across don’t they? *smirks)

In terms of the singing, considering how Yunho is primarily a bass and Changmin is a tenor, they had the challenge of filling in the middle. However, I was surprised to hear Yunho’s high tone throughout the song. I must be honest and say that at first, the tone didn’t sit with me very well, but after really listening to the song, it’s a refreshing contrast to the deep beats in the background. Furthermore, his voice has this certain quality as if he is mocking someone which really fits with the song lyrics. I especially found this to be the case during his rap.

Changmin has an amazing vocal range. The power of his high notes (his “screams” for lack of more creative terms) really drive power into this song. The flow of the song is interesting as well. You have the sharpness of each verse with the clipped tone from both singers which is broken up by smooth, yet ominous “keep your head down” phrases. It’s pretty playful compared to the chorus which is smoother and expresses more painful emotions. The strained sound when they sing “wae” before each line of the chorus really illustrates the more painful aspects of a breakup. The word echoes in the background as if it’s that little voice in your head that pops up to bother you during hard times.

Despite Yunho and Changmin having to pull off a manly, powerful image, they put a spin on it by incorporating unique costumes and intricate backgrounds. The portions of the MV that cut to the white background are shocking (personally I was a bit thrown off by the outfits that they were wearing), but give a brighter, futuristic touch to an overall dark MV. As expected with a powerful song, there has to be powerful choreography to go along with it! I really hope for a dance version of the MV to be released sometime in the future so I can see everything better, but for the time being, I like how their moves are sharp at certain points and powerful (I guess you can call it krumping, especially by Yunho.)

This was a pretty difficult review to complete, mainly because it is my first, but the more I listened to the song and watched the MV, the more I was able to draw connections between the tone of voice to the lyrics to the dancing etc.

In conclusion, a job well done for Yunho and Changmin. They came back with a very strong concept and I wish them all the best for their upcoming performances!


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  1. I’m not a DBSK fan but I watched KYHD when it came out. I’m not familiar with their voices so I was a bit…thrown off by Yunho’s voice because it was highish. But then I couldn’t get the song out of my head the next day and I was hooked on it! It’s a great song!

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